About Us

The Owner

The Pilates Centre WA was established late in 2012. Trudy McEntee, the owner and Principal instructor had previously owned and operated Pilates studios but was looking to establish a small, intimate boutique style studio where the clients and staff formed a solid bond and each class was provided to ensure that everyone was catered to in an intimate, professional setting. Trudy is 60 years of age and a grandmother and a true inspiration to all clients. She has demonstrated through personal experience and dedication that Pilates can ‘really change your shape’ no matter what age or circumstance. Trudy would be the first to tell you that she hasn’t always had the body she has now and it is down to her passion and love of Pilates that she can have the body of a woman half her age.

Our Studio

Now operating 7 days a week! We offer over 65 classes in 2 studios and there is a class to suit all fitness levels – for men and women of all ages! The Pilates Centre WA is located on trendy George Street in East Fremantle and provides Reformer classes: Introductory/Basic Reformer/Intermediate Reformer/Cardio Reformer and Advanced Reformer PLUS Our new timetable offers over 65 classes per week with additional classes being added regularly due to demand. Our studio consists of two levels with a downstairs and upstairs Reformer rooms. Despite the multiple rooms we focus on being a specialist boutique Reformer studio with a maximum of 10 clients in any one class. At the Pilates Centre WA we provide state of the art equipment – the Allegro 2 Reformer, which adjusts to suit your individual body shape, your flexibility or lack of it! With intimate group classes of no more than ten people you will be guided through a varied routine every session. Perfect if you need to feel more balanced, toned and shaped. The Pilates Reformer is the ultimate workout machine, using spring resistance, the endless variety of biomechanical exercises will help you achieve a stronger core, toned lean muscles and fantastic abdominals! Let our highly experienced and knowledgeable instructors take your Pilates to the next level. The Pilates Centre WA operates in a modern, boutique 2 storey studio with 20 machines.

Our Staff

The instructors at The Pilates Centre WA – George Street East Fremantle are nationally accredited and fully qualified. They provide clients with the highest standard and their attention to detail during every class is second to none – giving our participants a stronger, leaner body which allows movement with ease and control without stress to the back, neck or joints. We hand pick our instructors and are delighted that our team of six provide all our clients with the utmost care and professional instruction but at the same time making each and every class a fun, challenging environment. This makes our group classes extremely personalised and allows instructors plenty of time to correct each and every client.

Our Clients

If you are looking to get fit, shape up and tone The Pilates Centre WA is here to help! Long days with family and work schedules can mean that many of us have little time left to take care of ourselves. If you look at our timetable you will see that we offer classes from early in the morning to quite late at night, which means that you should be able to fit in a Pilates class before work or at the end of your day.

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