Getting Started

I want to start – what should I do?

We will be running Intro classes every week now Wednesdays nights at 6pm. Now we understand that some of you won’t be able to make this class so you have the option then of attending one of our Basic Reformer classes as your first class. We have a few new clients each week that do this and you will find other clients that are attending Pilates Classes for the first time. It is always ideal to start off in the Intro class, especially if you haven’t attended reformer Pilates classes before, But if you can’t a Basic Reformer class is you next best bet!

After your first class keep coming to some Basic Reformer classes and after a few of them you can attend Intermediate Reformers classes as well. – After that you can choose from any one of the 40+ classes on our timetable per week. Tip – our Intro classes tend to book out so make sure you book your spot early so you don’t miss this round..

Special Intro offer – $49 for 2 Weeks Unlimited every day class pass …

Book online to purchase the offer and if you have any issues booking online you can contact us and we can help you book in.

Next Intro Classes Run:

Wednesday Nights at 6pm

We understand that for our new Intro clients you may want more information or someone to help you through the initial registration stages – if this is the case please don’t hesitate to call our office on 9430 5558 or 0499 991 322 and we will be happy to discuss your personal requirements and take you through the registration process – it’s quick and very painless!

Here’s an explanation of classes we provide:

Introductory Class

This class is designed for those who are new to Pilates and the Allegro 2 Reformer. Class content includes the principals and fundamentals of Pilates exercises, teaches you about important core muscles, how to perfect the breathing technique, how to use the new Allegro 2 Reformer.
You only need to do ONE Intro class and you are on your way … next level up is either BASIC REFORMER and eventually INTERMEDIATE REFORMER.

Basic Reformer

Ideal for those clients new to exercise and Reformer Pilates who want to build core strength and improve their flexibility. You could call this our level 1 class type. This class is taught at a slightly slower pace providing clients with the opportunity to learn the basic repertoire and improve their fitness and knowledge of the basic Reformer exercises. The focus in this class type is mastering the Basic Reformer Pilates exercises. This is also the next step up from your Introductory class.

Stretch & Release Reformer

This is a class for all levels to release tension relax and rejuvenate the body. This class has been designed to rebalance your muscles and increase your range or movement, whilst strengthening the core and improving general flexibility.

Intermediate Reformer

This class is the next progression up from Basic Reformer classes. You could call this our mid level or level 2 class type. This class is ideal for our clients looking to enhance their core strength and improve their technique and is another option after a few Basic Reformer classes.

Cardio Reformer

Are you ready to get your sweat on, your abs burning, and your heart rate pumping! This cardio based workout is designed to improve your cardio fitness, strength, coordination and endurance. A large part of this class includes the Jump board. This cardio class is low impact but weight baring and weight resistance. The class is gentle on the joints, back, neck and great for the bones! This class would be considered a level 2 or intermediate class.

Advanced Reformer

A progression from the Basic Reformer and Intermediate Reformer classes where you will be challenged with an enhanced repertoire and executed in a safe and fun environment. You could call this our level 3 class type.

Power Reformer

A challenging class designed to get the maximum results possible for the more advanced at Reformer Pilates. You could call this our level 4 class type. Once you have been attending Advanced Reformer classes and feel you need an even bigger challenge have a go at a Power Reformer class.

Click here to view our timetable

Our online booking system is very user friendly and you can book into any class available on the timetable and cancel without losing your class credit as long as you do this 24 hours prior to commencement of class.

How do I manage my classes, visit history and account details?

The first time you register you will create your own individual profile. Your username will be your email address and your password needs to be 8 characters (letters and numbers). Once you have registered and paid for your first set of classes you can logon at any time and see your visit history, how much you have paid, how many classes you have left, classes available to book.

Need help?

We understand that not everyone is internet savy and therefore if you need assistance our helpful team can do this for you over the phone. You will need to have your credit card ready.

What class should I start with?

Unless you have had experience in Reformer based Pilates classes it is ideal that you commence with an Introductory class however if you can’t make the Intro class on the Saturday you can attend a Basic Reformer class as your first class.

After you complete your one Intro class or your first BASIC REFORMER you then move to or continue with BASIC REFORMER classes and/or INTERMEDIATE REFORMER classes depending on your level. From there, once you feel ready you can then progress to our more advanced class – ADVANCED REFORMER.

*Tip … many of our clients are very happy attending Basic or Pilates Perfection classes and are happy at that level. It is all about choice …. your choice!


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