Our Code of Ethics

We are delighted to be able to provide our clients with the state of the art Allegro 2 Reformer machines, nationally accredited instruction and affordable pricing options. To ensure the safety and enjoyment of our clients and staff alike we would appreciate you following our code:

  • We workout in an enclosed environment and it is very important for the enjoyment of all others and we attend class correctly attired (men no baggy shorts please) and kindly ensure your personal hygiene is not overlooked, especially if you are coming to class straight from work. We do have a ‘personal spritz’ station in our waiting lounge, so avail yourself of deodorant, fresheners etc at any time.
  • We do require you to bring a pair of socks to all classes. For hygiene, we ask that you wear socks when using the straps on your feet. Grip socks are now available to purchase from our studio.
  • We recommend that you arrive five minutes early and stay for the entire class. This is important for you to gain the full benefit of your Pilates class and it shows respect to other clients. If you do arrive a few minutes late, take a deep, slow breath and enter the room slowly and quietly.
  • Please enter our studio via our rear entrance (behind Limone’s cafe/restaurant) and wait in our lounge area until your class is ready to start. This avoids distuption to the existing class.
  • Please wipe your Reformer with cloth and spray provided after each class in readiness and respect for the next person using your machine.
  • Please turn your mobile phone off or to silent during classes.
  • Please sign in with your instructor prior to commencement of class. This is also a legal requirement acknowledging that you participate in each class at your own risk and acknowledge that you enter our studio in sound health.

Thank you for your consideration and enjoy!
The team at Pilates Centre WA


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