During my 1st class, having explained to Trudy my circumstances, Trudy made a promise – within 3 months I would be back to my former self. Due to limited child care, I have only been able to attend 1 class per week. However, 3 months later, Trudy’s promise has come true. I feel healthier, stronger, the lower back pain I experienced since labour has gone and I can fit into all my pre-pregnancy clothes. Irrelevant of your fitness levels I would completely recommend The Pilates Centre WA as a means to achieve your personal health goals.Catherine G

I really appreciate all the excellent work and support you do and give. I have fallen in love with exercise again.Catherine B

My first time at the Pilates Centre – really enjoyed the challenge, your focus on individual’s progress is fantastic and I leave with a great sense of being looked after and cared for. Jenny
I really enjoyed it – I just need to be guided with my form so I am doing it correctly. Thanks it was so much fun!

Thoroughly enjoying my intro into Pilates and looking forward to improving technique. Instructors are brilliant! Thanks.Kendell

Really loved the jump board, will have my pre baby body back in no time … Thanks. Rachel G

Just wanted to say I am now a Uni Student and can’t afford to keep it up but I wanted to say a HUGE THANKYOU to the whole team, I love the changes in my body and my flexibility! a special thank- you to Trudy for being such a wonderful kick-ass instructor with the best body I’ve ever seen haha! and Jan you have been incredibly helpful, understanding and friendly on every occasion! Your practice has an amazing Vibe and your employees are all so quirky and unique, I love it! I will be back. Emma G

The Basic Reformer class was hard work but felt beneficial to get the shoulder, belly positions right … tough!!
Sanya T

Absolutely love this morning’s class! Was worth getting up early for! Thanks so much.

Dana C

Really enjoying the classes. Everyone is different. Feeling fantastic. Thank you Jacquetta fthe first time I am really enjoying exercise.

Janine M

I appreciate the correcting and attention to detail, good explaining. Enjoyed the class – great Instructor Interesting to be asked to do a movement on the machine and feel a sense of fear/ or not wanting to do something – it is how we progressively adapt to walking on flames in old age – so good to rediscover my body.

De B

Love how you know just what I need!! Thank you.

Sam O

Thanks Jac – I can’t believe how sore my abs are from that ab series you did with us yesterday morning – When we pushed ourselves out with our arms and brought it all in with our abs!!! I must have been using them correctly as I don’t feel my abs that much … It’s great!!! I can’t wait to do it again.

Monique N

Upon the advice of my physio I was instructed to start pilates as a means to heal my body and restore muscle around an area of deep scar tissue. I tentatively signed up with the Pilates Centre WA in April after much badgering from my physio. Not only am I moving well again; I am the most pain free in that problem area that I have been in years. I am back to a full time running routine which is something that I thought I would never achieve again. On top of all of that I have also lost 11kg compared to this time last year. So a BIG thank you to the team at George Street Pilates Centre WA as I am now a pilates convert.

Heather R

Meeting Jac has changed my life! I love that no two classes are the same and I am working my mind and body. It is the most focused hour of my day! This week’s new toys have taught me about my fachia – which I never even knew I had. I am loving starfish and cobra – finding my animal instinct 🙂

Annie W

What an amazing intro to Pilates! Unlike anything I have ever done before and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. I will be back.

Rebecca P

Just a little note to yourself, Trudy & Jac – I really adore the time I spend at the studio. My strength and confidence within myself has dramatically changed for the better over the last few months I’ve been coming to classes. The time that you all spend to make sure I can get into classes and that the exercises are beneficial to my past injuries yet still allow for me to challenge myself is really encouraging. I really (REALLY!) appreciate the feel of one-on-one comfort that comes with each group class. I can’t keep my mouth shut about how much I’m enjoying myself, so thought I’d let you know too.

Samantha O

The Pilates Centre WA is a fantastic boutique studio and the individual attention we receive, due to small classes helps you feel part of the place. The teachers are amazing and all have their unique individual style and make you feel very welcome. The results are great and apart from feeling fitter and shrinking in size, there’s always a laugh shared at every class.

Maureen L

I love the Pilates classes and the changes in my body but I think the best part is how good I feel. I really enjoy the space and of course the instructors, I am telling everyone how great it is.

Mialanda L

Thank you again to everyone at the Pilates Centre – wonderful, warm and inviting centre – I tell all my friends you are a must-do!

Jacqueline B

I think your classes are great – I have only attended a few so far but Jacquetta is great! I was quite nervous but I am really enjoying the classes.

Simone S

My daughter and have attended classes for some time and we are both very pleased with the results we have achieved in a short time.

Debbie P

Just started but loving the classes and the fact there is so much to learn.

Heather Anne R

Why should women have all the fun!

Ben S

Love Trudy & all the ladies. I don’t trust anyone else, especially after a ACLU injury training for Miss Universe Australia!

Annabel S.

Thanks for the class – your instructions are really clear and help a lot! Awesome.

Ellie B

Loved the class, my body feels more centred and I am more aware of the muscles as we exercised.


Loved the class, always feels like a good workout, especially with the jumpboard. Great direction!


I have been doing Pilates for 2 years in Melbourne with a physio, but today’s session was amazing. This is real Pilates. For 2 years I have just been playing. Thanks so much.

Lynette R

Amazing class, my body and mind is now relaxed! Looking forward to the next class – bring it on!


Hey – I have dropped two dress sizes – so happy to move without pain.


Thanks for the informative class. I’d forgotten so much in 18 months. Look forward to continuing.

Di C

Awesome Class Jacquetta, really feel it and starting to get good awareness of abs and spine – well, better anyway!


Great class, good ab and arm workout.


Woohoo! Back to fab Pilates classes! Thanks.

Elizabeth K

A pleasant pain Thank U! Fabulous, Enjoyed immensly – really great tuition.


Enjoyed the workout a great stress reliever. I’m ready for the sore muscles tomorrow.


My best class! 11th and I think I am better at it. Thanks Jac and Trudy.


Challenging, but invigorating cardio! Who said Pilates does not get one’s heart rate up! Love the buzz.


It hurt, but it hurt in a good way!! I have never enjoyed exercise but LOVE this!! Thanks for the great workout.


I loved my first Pilates class with Jacquetta. It felt intimate, individual and so thoughtful. This is the beginning of a long, Pilates relationship. Thanks so much.

Alex M

I attend a men’s gym session twice a week and the control learned in Pilates is now applied to the gym work -breathing -concentration on muscles and movement -extension – Pilates will eventually replace the gym work.

Roger G


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