The Reformer

What are the benefits of using a Pilates Reformer?

  • Increased Flexibility: If you are looking for a good stretch, try out the Pilates Reformer. Most of the exercises that are done using the Reformer focus on lengthening and stretching out the muscles. The stretches that are done target every single muscle group. Because of the benefit of increased flexibility, many dancers and athletes use the Pilates Reformer.
  • Improved Posture: If you find yourself slouching all of the time, you may want to begin using this machine! Like the flexibility benefit, a lot of the exercises are focused around the core. This puts a spotlight on spinal flexibility. For most people, standing up straight is an exercise in itself. If you do not have a strong core and a flexible spine, you may find it hard to stand up straight. Participating in Pilates will definitely help to strengthen your core and flex your spine in order to keep your posture right.
  • Stronger Core: If you’ve been trying to get that six pack and nothing has seemed to work, enough with the crunches and get yourself on a Reformer. Pilates main focus is the core. Almost every exercise you perform on this machine will have some connection to using your core. Rather than doing strictly abdominal exercises, participating in Pilates will work your core muscles more than you probably ever have. Having a strong core is very important for many aspects of daily life. Nowadays, there are so many people who suffer from lower back pain and the number one cause of lower back pain is a weak core. By strengthening your core, you will not only get flat abs but you will notice a difference in all kinds of daily activities from tying your shoes to getting in and out of the car.
  • Increased muscular endurance: Increasing your muscular endurance is important for all people that participate in any kind of exercise program whether it is Pilates, yoga, running, or body building. Muscular endurance is the muscles ability to sustain a repeated action against resistance. Building your muscular endurance will allow you to do more exercises for longer periods. For example, the first time you performed a set of bicep curls, your biceps were probably weak and were not able to complete many reps. In time, you continued to train and your biceps became stronger and were able to do more bicep curls than the first time. This is a prime example of muscular endurance. By using the Pilates Reformer, your muscles will be working against a resistance which can really help to increase muscle endurance.
  • Achieve a stunning physique: Have you ever seen a Pilates instructor? If you have, I’m sure you have noticed their long, toned, lean muscles. Many people associate Pilates with women who don’t like to sweat. This is a false accusation that probably ticks off people that do Pilates. Pilates works the muscles in a different way than weight training does. Rather than shortening the muscles to produce a bulky look, the muscle fibers are stretched and elongated to produce a toned look. This is the reason that Pilates has more of a female base. Many females want that long, sleek look rather than the big, bulky look.


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