Success Stories


“I am a 27 year old who surprisingly has a very extensive pathological back history. I have spent years at chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, remedial massage therapists, acupuncture therapists and yoga. I walked into a one on one session with Trudy in tears. I couldn’t complete the most simple of Pilates moves, a stand and roll down. After 4 months of one on one’s with the amazing Trudy and recently group classes I am now pain free, something I never thought was possible, not to mention possible in a short period of time. I still have acute episodes but nothing that Pilates can not help resolve! Pilates is one of the best things I have ever started in addition to resolving back pain my body is changing in ways I didn’t think was possible. Most of Pilates is fun, the instructors are incredible and inspiring. I can not put into words how much I recommend The Pilates Centre WA on George Street nor could they convey just how thankful I am for all their continuing hard work.
Thank you, thank you, thank you”


“Hi All, Initially I could not lift my butt more than a centimetre from the carriage – and this was with all the springs on – lots of encouragement and support from Trudy and even a push to get me started. I am just so pleased!!! I really appreciate the Pilates Perfection lessons which have allowed me to take the time to understand and master the intricate techniques and manoeuvers involved.”


“Dearest Trudy – My apologies for not being able to attend Pilates tonight things have become very hectic with our move back home to NZ lots to plan and organise. Thank you so much for everything including the burn (hehe) I am very grateful to you as my back is 100% better! I will miss your free spirit and beautiful smile all the best for the future. Upon the advice of my physio I was instructed to start Pilates as a means to heal my body and restore muscle around an area of deep scar tissue. I tentatively signed up with the Pilates Centre WA in April after much badgering from my physio. Not only am I moving well again; I am the most pain free in that problem area that I have been in years. I am back to a full time running routine which is something that I thought I would never achieve again. On top of all of that I have also lost 11kg compared to this time last year. So a BIG thank you to the team at George Street as I am now a Pilates convert.”


“Dear Trudy – I am writing this letter to thank you for what you and The Pilates Centre have achieved with the wellbeing of my wife Lindsay. Following a fall through a ceiling of a house we were building about 4 years ago, Lindsay has been in constant pain with her back and hips. For four years she was under the supervision of five different medical specialists ranging from Surgeons, Pain Specialists as well as our own local doctor.During this time Lindsay did not sleep through one single night due to the pain she was in and getting out of bed three to four times a night was a common occurrence. She was given so many different treatments during this time I have lost track of them all but some examples were drugs/pain killers that simply knocked her out and left her in a very poor mental state – which made things worse, plus four admissions into the hospital to be sedated while injections were put into her back and hips not to mention the constant use of creams heat bags etc. At one point one of the Surgeons wanted to implant an electronic device into her back with the probes blocking the pain signal – none of these made any difference to Lindsay’s treatment.

I will never forget the reaction from Lindsay when she came home from the very first Pilates session that you gave her (a One on One) in February this year. Following this very first session she found she had a release from the continuous pain she had suffered for years, it was like a miracle! She couldn’t believe it herself at first, maybe it was a coincidence but with listening to your advice and instructions on the exercises she needed to do and with her regular One on One sessions she attended with you she gradually found a release from the pain she had suffered all these years and is now after five months totally pain free and attending regular classes.

As well as your Pilates lessons making her pain free, she is also healthier and fitter and I am sure she has grown taller due to her posture improvement. Thank you again for all you have done for Lindsay.”