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  • A. Pilates is a focused one hour exercise class that incorporates stretching and workouts for your abdominals, legs, butts, arms and back muscles. Some movements are slow and controlled while others are faster. As there are several different levels and styles of class on our timetable you can choose the intensity and type to suit you.
    So much more is now known about Pilates today, put simply it is a conditioning, strengthening, toning exercise program that also corrects posture, realigns the spine and alleviates back, neck and joint soreness whilst achieving a consistently challenging workout.
    Here at The Pilates Centre WA we use the Allegro 2 Reformer machines which are the ultimate, state of the art Pilates experience! These fun classes offer a small group (maximum 10 people per class) an intensive workout that provides amazing results! The A2 Pilates Reformer has a spring resistance, pulley system and moveable sliding foot bar that gives a much wider repertoire of exercises and is unlike any other Reformer machine in the world. The A2 Reformer also teaches your muscles to work effectively and builds strength and support evenly throughout the whole body. You will see results in your posture, muscle strength, flexibility and overall body shape and tone.
    You will never be bored. Our classes are always evolving and changing!

  • A. Pilates is suitable for women and men of all ages and fitness levels.

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    If there is no serious injury, recent surgery or current chronic pain – you may join Pilates. However, you should make sure the PCWA office is aware of this prior to commencement of your two week pass and if all clear you can start with the Introductory Class and then basic classes. Progress can be made to the next level of class when you and your instructor feel it is appropriate to do so.

    It may be advisable to start with a few private sessions and progress into the normal class selection once you gain confidence and strength.

  • A. We recommend that children under 16 years of age do not participate in adult Pilates sessions due to their bodies not yet being fully developed. During these years is best to attend specific Pilates classes for children. Children 16 – 18 years will need permission off their parent or guardian to participate.

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  • A. Due to the cardio and weight resistance component you will not only lose weight but you will lose centimetres too!

  • A. One class is better than none but will only give you a subtle change you can feel but not see. The optimum is 2 – 3 classes per week – this will give you results you will feel but everyone else will see!
    Because Pilates is so rehabilitative and beneficial to the body you could do a moderate level class everyday if you wished.

  • A. Just normal exercise gear you would use to attend a gym. Please be mindful that you will have legs in the air and out to the side so no loose-fitting shorts etc without skins or leggings underneath. Most clients wear your standard type of active wear. Shoes are not required, so we do ask that you bring/wear socks for hygiene reasons whilst using the foot straps on the Reformer.

  • A. Bring socks, a small hand towel and water.

  • A. It’s easy – click on to the ‘classes’ tab and then onto the ‘get started’ section – we give you step by step process to get you on your way and into the right class. Any other questions – just call our office on 9430 5558 or 0499 991 322 and our helpful team will assist with your queries and even help you book online if required.

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