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Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel. Here are just some of the benefits of attending Reformer Pilates classes with us!

+ Flat stomach
+ Look taller and slimmer
+ Develop long, lean muscles
+ Tone abs, butt and arms
+ Increase athletic performance
+ Improve posture and correct physical imbalances
+ Improve core strength and stability
+ Reduce back and neck pain
+ Increase flexibility and mobility
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titles3 introductory class

Introductory Class is designed for those who are new to Pilates and the Allegro 2 Reformer. Class content includes the principals and fundamentals of Pilates exercises, teaches you about important core muscles, how to perfect the breathing technique and how to use the new Allegro 2 Reformer. You only need to do ONE Intro class and you are on your way … next level up is either Basic Reformer, All levels class and then Basic Cardio Reformer and eventually our Intermediate Level classes.

Prerequisite: NONE SILLY! πŸ™‚ this is where you start!

titles3 basic reformer

Basic Reformer is ideal for those clients new to exercise and Reformer Pilates who want to build core strength and improve their flexibility. This class is taught at a slightly slower pace providing clients with the opportunity to learn the basic repertoire and improve their fitness. The focus in this class type is mastering the Basic Reformer Pilates exercises. This is also the next step up from your Introductory class.

Prerequisite: This is your next best option if you can’t make the Intro class so you don’t need any previous Reformer Pilates experience to attend this class type.

titles3 basic cardio reformer

Basic Cardio Reformer sets up the foundations for Intermediate Cardio Reformer. You will learn the basics of jump board including how to engage your core, stabilize your pelvis and jump safely without the recruitment of your back.

Prerequisite: As a general guide 2-3 Basic Reformer Classes. Its important you are starting to understand the basics before you go in to this class. If in doubt check with your Instructor!

titles3 stronger better backs

Stronger Better Backs is designed to improve the mobility, strength and awareness of your back. Stronger, Better Backs will work to build core strength, teach you how to engage the correct musculature to support your spine, as well as learning how to move correctly to avoid back pain in class. This class should make you feel taller and lighter by the end. ** Not to be used as a substitute for clinical Pilates and/or physiotherapy treatment.

Prerequisite:The completion of the Intro class and/or previous reformer Pilates experience!

titles3 stretch release

Stretch and Release Reformer is a class for all levels to release tension relax and rejuvenate the body. This class has been designed to rebalance your muscles and increase your range or movement, whilst strengthening the core and improving general flexibility.

Prerequisite: The completion of the Intro class and/or previous reformer Pilates experience!

titles3 intermediate reformer

Intermediate Reformer is the next progression up from Basic Reformer classes. You could call this our mid level or level 2 class type. This class is ideal for our clients looking to enhance their core strength and improve their technique and is another option after a few Basic Reformer classes.

Prerequisite:As a general guide 8-10 Basic Reformer Classes but everyone is different! check with your Instructor and also when you feel ready give this class a go!

titles3 hiit reformer

HIIT Reformer is going challenge your already Pilates conditioned body! If you are looking for a super focused athletic reformer class this is the class for you! High Intensity Interval Training – is exactly that. You will be taken up in your repetitions, your spring load and full body integrated movements then when you are looking for that break it comes with some beautiful long line stretching but with a little bit more intensity. You will want to do this class more than once to see if you can increase your resistance or your number of repetitions. Watch your body change inside & out.

Prerequisite: As a general guide you should be able to get through a Intermediate class with out too much difficulty!

titles3 core focus

Core Focus is all about the core. The core is where we draw our strength and stability from and is the centre of all of our movements. Get ready to get your abs burning and your core firing in this intermediate level class. ** Prerequisite- must be able to hold a full-length plank!!

Prerequisite: As a general guide you should be able to get through a Intermediate class with out too much difficulty!

titles3 intermediate cardio reformer

Intermediate Cardio Reformer is designed to improve your cardio fitness, strength, coordination and endurance. A large part of this class includes the Jump board. This cardio class is low impact but weight baring and weight resistance. The class is gentle on the joints, back, neck and great for the bones! This class would be considered a level 2 or intermediate class.

Prerequisite: As a general guide you should be able to get through a Basic Cardio Reformer class with out too much difficulty!

titles3 advanced reformer

Advanced Reformer is a progression from the Basic Reformer and Intermediate Reformer classes where you will be challenged with an enhanced repertoire and executed in a safe and fun environment. You could call this our level 3 class type.

Prerequisite: Go in to this class at your own peril!! lol πŸ™‚ in all seriousness not for the faint hearted but you should be able to fly through an intermediate class!